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Taco Discography

Released 1982, RCA Records
LP - PL 28520; CS - PK 28520 SB; CD - PCD14818

  1. Singin' In The Rain (4:45)
  2. Tribute To Tino (4:10)
  3. Puttin' On The Ritz (4:36)
  4. I Should Care (3:42)
  5. Carmella (3:28)
  6. La vie en rose (4:45)
  7. Cheek To Cheek (4:45)
  8. After Eight (3:28)
  9. Livin' In My Dreamworld (3:06)
  10. Encore (Sweet Gipsy Rose) (4:14)
  11. Thanks A Million (1:45)

Produced by David Parker
Arranged by Werner Lang and David Parker
Recorded at PEER Studio, Hamburg, September 1982
Engineer: Frank Reinke, mixed by Frank Reinke

An original PSP-Production, © 1982, PSP

Gesine Petter
Session by
ZANDA Ristorante, Hamburg

full After Eight cover

Released 1984, RCA Records
LP - ???

  1. Let's Face The Music (And Dance) (3:29)
  2. Taco's Charleston (Medley) (3:12)
    Original Charleston
    An Oldies Trip
    If You Knew Susie (Like I Know Susie)
    Yes Sir, That's My Baby
  3. La chambre séparée (A media luz) (3:18)
  4. You Are My Lucky Star (3:07)
  5. Flash (3:44)
  6. They Can't Take That Away From Me (4:11)
  7. Lassiters's Theme: Beware Of The Winners (3:00)
  8. Winchester Cathedral (4:12)
  9. Married (3:05)
  10. Opera-Rap (5:34)
  11. Sayonara ('til We Meet Again) (3:42)

Produced by David Parker

Banjo: Nils Tuxen
Bass: Thissy Thiers, Ray Moxley, Anselm Kluge
Double (Contra) Bass: Henning Kiehn
Moog Bass: Werner Lang, John Groves
Guitars/Guitar Synthesizer: Peter Weihe, Erlend Krauser, Frank Reinke
Prophet/Grand Piano/Fender Rhodes/Moog Synthesizers: John Groves
Poly Six/Poly 61/Grand Piano/Moog Synthesizers/Accordion: Werner Lang
Horns: Hired Help Horns - Steven R. Orebaugh: Tenor Sax - Michael G. Ruby: Trumpet - Don Meyers: Trombone - Hired Help Horns appear courtesy of H.H.B. Productions
Horn Arrangements: Don Myers, John Groves, Werner Lang
Vocoder Programming: David Parker
Tap Dancing: Taco
Backing Vocals: Taco, David Parker, John Groves, Madeleine Lang
Soprano Voice (on B 5): Madeleine Lang
Japanese Spoken (on B 5): Kayoko Koop_Takate
Arrangements: John Groves (A 5), Werner Lang (A 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 + B 1, 2, 5), Werner Lang/David Parker/Taco Ockerse (B 4)
Snaredrum (Brushes): Wally Breede
Drum Computer Programming: David Parker, Werner Lang, John Groves
Recording Engineer: Frank Reinke
Ass. Recording Engineer: Peter Schmidt
Mix Engineer: Frank Reinke
Vocal Synchronization on "Lassiter's Theme: Beware Of The Winners": Power Station Studios, N.Y.
Recording Engineer: Josh Abby
Recorded at Peer-Southern Studios Hamburg
Cover Foto: Michael von Gimbut
Design: Klaus Witt

An Original PSP-Production

Released 1991, BMG Ariola Hamburg GmbH
CD - ND 74575

  1. Puttin' On The Ritz (4:36)
  2. La vie en rose (4:45)
  3. Cheek To Cheek (4:45)
  4. After Eight (3:28)
  5. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (3:42)
  6. Winchester Cathedral (4:12)
  7. La chambre separée (A media luz) (3:18)
  8. Singin' In The Rain (4:45)
  9. Living In My Dreamworld (3:06)
  10. You Are My Lucky Star (3:07)
  11. Let's Face The Music And Dance (3:29)
  12. Taco's Charleston (Medley)
    - Original Charleston (0:50)
    - An Oldies Trip (1:17)
    - Yes Sir, That's My Baby (1:10)
  13. Superphysical Resurrection (3:37)
  14. Got To Be Your Lover (3:34)

Produced by David Parker,
except "Got To Be Your Lover" produced by Bastos and G. Lammers

full Best Of Taco cover

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